The Golden legacy

Nanotechnology and Ayurveda; NanoAuVeda is India's 1st Ayurvedic Cosmeceutical brand to launch Nano-gold skincare products. It is the perfect blend of Indian tradition and evidence-based science to bring you the ultimate indulgence.


Gold, without doubt, occupies a significant part in our cultural, traditional, and socio-economic values. One of the first instances when it was used in Ayurveda, can be traced back to 2500 BC. Swarna Bhasma (Gold ash) was used in traditional Ayurvedic healing processes. It was practiced by administering gold nanoparticles with herbal plant extracts. Gold's therapeutic benefits made it a primary choice for treating several ailments.
Swarna bhasma Possesses "snigdha" guna and "madhura" msa. When used judiciously for internal administration, it acts as an aphrodisiac and improves the quality of life (ayusya). It provides good body radiance and physical strength.
- Rasa Tarangini of Sri Sadananda Sarma




NanoAuVeda is an opulent brand of luxurious Nano-Gold Cosmeceuticals rooted in Ayurveda. We responsibly source Nano-gold and blend them with our unique and most potent natural ingredients following the best performing techniques and ground-breaking methodologies across US FDA-approved world-class labs. Our products are meticulously manufactured in India and made in small batches allowing them to be fresh and good for your skin.