Sustainable Nanovation



Nanotechnology manifests the progression in the arena of Research and Development by increasing the efficacy of the product through delivery of innovative solutions. To overcome certain drawbacks associated with the traditional products, application Of nanotechnology is escalating in the area of cosmeceuticals.

NanoAuVeda is the World's First Cosmeceutical brand to adopt the concept of Green Nanotechnology, wherein the nanoparticles are synthesized by biogenesis.

Our team of exceptionally skilled experts and scientists is headed by Dr. Kattesh Katti (M.Sc.Ed, Ph.D., DSC, FRSC, FINAL), the 'Father of Green NanoTechnology and Director at the Institute of Green Nanotechnology, within the Medical School, University of Missouri, Columbia.

Main properties of nanogold in beauty care consist of assets namely; acceleration of blood circulation, ani il!inflammatory property, antiseptic properties improvising firmness and elasticity of skin, delaying aging process, and vitalizing skin metabolism.

- Hindavi,Journal of Pharmaceutics, Volume 2018 Gold has always been known to aid in healthy skin cell regeneration, especially in its rumoparliclef(jnn. They can gently stimulate the skin cells for a better cell renewal, which in turn gives the skin better elasticüy and also improves the skin tone.

- Gupta SwarooPa Rani .N Applications of gold Nano Particles in medical research and cosmetics.