1. What is Nano Au Veda?

We at Nano Au Veda believe in the fact that Ayurveda and Nanotechnology can go hand-in-hand, thereby becoming India’s 1st Ayurvedic Cosmeceutical brand to launch Nano-gold skincare products.

2. Are the products toxic in nature?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. Rest easy, as our products have been dermatologically tested by the best. Our products are AYUSH approved and are eco-friendly. They carry plant based proteins in it and have the inclusion of natural and transparent ingredients, thereby making it completely toxic-free.

3. Why did you choose to go with the ideology of Gold?

We at Nano Au Veda wanted to retain our roots in Ayurveda and at the same time, we believe in the importance of Gold as a substance in India. Ancient history tells us that Gold has been renowned for numerous reasons and that is why we have incorporated the phenomenon of Gold into our products.

4. How will the products help our skin?

Nano Au Veda products have been designed to boost your radiance and revive your inner glow. You can expect healthier and much smoother skin after using our products.

5. Why Gold?

Gold has always been known to aid in healthy skin cell regeneration, especially in its nanoparticle form. They can gently stimulate the skin cells for a better cell renewal, which in turn gives the skin better elasticity and also improves the skin tone.

6. What is Nanogold?

Nanogold or gold nanoparticles exhibit various sizes ranging from 5 nanometer to 400 nanometer. Gold nanoparticles have been studied as a valuable material in cosmeceutical industries due to their strong antifungal and antibacterial properties. These nanoparticles are used in a variety of cosmeceuticals products like cream, lotion, face packs, deodorant, antiaging creams, and so forth. The main properties of Nanogold in beauty care consist of assets, namely, acceleration of blood circulation, anti-inflammatory property, antiseptic properties, improvising firmness and elasticity of the skin, delaying the aging process, and vitalizing skin metabolism.

7. Metal Toxicity

Metal nanoparticles toxicity depends on the metal, size, shape, coating, and surface properties those which can be controlled using a suitable manufacturing process. We use an innovative and patented green nanotechnology-based manufacturing process that eliminates the use of these toxic chemicals and instead uses phytochemicals to achieve the nanoparticle stage. We use gold nanoparticles, where the core metal is Gold. Gold NPs are considered to be relatively safe, as their core is inert and non-toxic.

8. How is Nanogold different from other gold products in the market?

With a particle size of 0.000000001 meters, gold nanoparticles penetrate deeper into the skin; deliver active ingredients, nutrients, and oxygen into cells in the deeper layers of the skin. These nutrients and oxygen nourish skin cells, giving the skin the energy to function better. Nanogold in skin care products help strengthens the skin's defense mechanism against aging and environmental damage. The nanoparticles can also aid the faster delivery of vitamins and minerals to the skin, as it is in the smallest and most perfect form to stimulate the blood circulation in the skin with a gentle massage in its application.